Some of the best ways of making money on Runescape is to mine, but you also need to be near a bank to deposit what you mine.

The best place that we have found is to be east Varrock. It’s probably the closest mine to a bank. Make sure that you are using the best pick axe that is available to you for your level. For example if you are a level 41, don’t use the pick axe that you got on tutorial island. You’ll be mining for months!

Some of the best Runescape places to mine iron near banks are:

Dwarven Mine
Southwest Varrock
Southeast Varrock
Al-Kharid Mine

To mine Silver near to a bank the best places are:

Crafting Guild
Al-Kharid Mine
Edgeville Dungeon

To mine Coal near to a bank the best places are:

Mining Guild
Desert Mine
Al-Kharid Mine

More to follow soon.